franceThe nurse advocate
France, MSN ’10, follows a simple credo that explains much of her life philosophy. “I do what I think is right and that happens to involve me in a lot of things,” says the 33-year-old nurse and prolific volunteer.

A career without limits
As a bright-eyed nurse fresh out of school, Nadine Streleski-Flanders already knew something that some of her seasoned colleagues hadn’t figured out yet: that a nursing career offers much more than roles in bedside care.

Preventive medicine
As president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Angela Golden is preaching the power of preventing disease.



New Diabetes Options For Improved Outcomes

By Susanne J. Pavlovich-Danis, MSN, ARNP-C, CDE, CRRN
The goal of this program is to enhance nurses’ ability to care for patients taking new injectable classifications of medications for diabetes.

Uncovering Gestational Diabetes for the Health of Mother and Child

By Theresa Ryan, MA, RN and Phyllis Bruno, MSN, RN, CDE
Learn the basic guidelines in the clinical management of gestational diabetes mellitus so you can evaluate and counsel your patients.

Insulin Pump Therapy: An Alternative to Conventional Insulin Injections

By Jamie Dillinger, MSN, RN, CRNP, CDE
Update your basic knowledge of insulin pumps and their latest developments. The advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump therapy also will be covered.


The Artificial Pancreas: The Promise of Saving Lives

By Tracey Long, PhD, MS, RN, CDE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN
The epidemic of diabetes in the United States and around the world has forced researchers to try to help those who suffer from the disease manage their lives better. In particular, Type I cannot be prevented nor cured, and patients must monitor their blood sugar and injecting insulin with some frequency. In response, researchers have created and the FDA recently approved an artificial pancreas. Attend this webinar and learn more about this new live saving treatment.

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