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franceThe nurse advocate
France, MSN ’10, follows a simple credo that explains much of her life philosophy. “I do what I think is right and that happens to involve me in a lot of things,” says the 33-year-old nurse and prolific volunteer.

A career without limits
As a bright-eyed nurse fresh out of school, Nadine Streleski-Flanders already knew something that some of her seasoned colleagues hadn’t figured out yet: that a nursing career offers much more than roles in bedside care.

Preventive medicine
As president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Angela Golden is preaching the power of preventing disease.


Interoperability: Better Care Through Better Information Sharing

By Sarah R. Tupper, MS, RN-BC, LHIT, CPHIMS and Meaghan O’Keeffe, RN, BSN
The goal of this program is to provide an overview of interoperability in the context of health information technology (HIT), with a focus on how interoperability affects healthcare delivery.

Jumpstart Your Career in Nursing Informatics

By Sarah Fletcher, MSN, BS, RN-BC
The goal of this continuing education program is to update nurses’ knowledge about nursing informatics as a nursing specialty and to provide information to those interested in pursuing informatics as a career.


What Can I Do with a Nursing Informatics Degree?

By Marisa L Wilson, DNSc, RN-BC, CPHIMS
Are you a nurse who is comfortable with technology and thinks about ways in which technology and data can be incorporated into care for better outcomes for patients and clinicians? Have you been a super user or nurse trainer for a new software program at your employment? Have you wondered if these kinds of experiences might help you in the field of nursing informatics? Join this webinar to discover what a day in the life of a nursing informaticist may be like and some steps you may need to consider if you are thinking about a career in nursing informatics. What is the career outlook for nursing informatics?

Quality, Safety and Future Technology Through Interoperability

Sarah Fletcher, MSN, BS, RN-BC
Can you imagine a world without finger-stick blood sugars? What about an EKG without chest electrodes? Could patients have more interaction with or control over their own medical records? Join this webinar for a discussion of interoperability (the capacity for various computer technology to work together,) quality, patient safety, and what this might mean for possible healthcare technology in the future.

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